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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a refund for any reason?

    No. We do not give refunds for ANY REASON.  You will only get an online credit that you can use for classes.  If you make a mistake in your online registration, you will not be given a refund.  If you cancel a class, you will not be givena  refund. Class credits only.  So make sure the amount showing in your shopping card is correct prior to clicking the "Place Order" button because as soon as you click the button your card will get charged immediately.

  • Do I need to bring anything to class with me?

    Yes, please bring your own aprons.  We do charge $5 for the use of our aprons.  We used to include the use of our aprons for free to all of our guests but unfortunately people kept taking them home. With 30 people per class per day, we couldn't keep replenishing our aprons.

  • Can I use a promo code and a voucher at the same time?

    No. Discounts and vouchers cannot be combined.  You must either use a voucher or a promo code.  If you make a reservation using a combination the system will contact you at a later date informing you that it cancelled your reservation.

  • When do you add more classes to the calendar?

    We have classes 12 months a year.  We add classes to the calendar as classes get filled a few months at a time.  If you are looking for a class in a month that hasn't been filled yet, just check the calendar at a later date.

  • How do I register for a class?

    We have a self-service online reservation system in our calendar

    1. First read all of the instructions here in the FAQ tab

    2. Click on the Calendar tab

    3. Scroll through the calendar (we have classes all year long)

    4. Click on a desired class to read the details of the class

    5. Click on ADD TO CART to register for the class

    6. If you have a voucher, coupon or gift certificate enter the numbers per the instructions here in the box provided then click APPLY

    7. Enter the number of seats you want to reserve under QTY and click UPDATE ORDER

    8. Click on SET ATTENDEE'S NAME and enter the names and phone numbers then click SAVE

    9. Click on CHECKOUT

    10. Read all of your shopping cart carefully to make sure it is correct prior to clicking PLACE ORDER or your credit card might get charged the wrong amount.

    11. Enter your credit card information and click PLACE ORDER

  • I made a reservation for the wrong number of people in my party. How do I fix it?

    1. Cancel the reservation per the instructions here in the FAQ

    2. Make a new reservation

    3. Enter the correct number of people in your party under QTY in your shopping cart

    4. Click the "update order" button

    5. Enter your voucher code in the space provided

    6. Click the "apply" button

    7. Click the "Account Credit" button

    8. Click the "apply" button

    9. Enter the names of the people in your party

    10. Click the "checkout" button

  • Where do I enter my voucher, promo code, coupon or gift certificate code?

    Enter the code in your shopping cart where it says:GIFT CERTIFICATE, COUPON OR VOUCHER.  Then hit the "apply" button.  You must enter the numbers exactly as specified in our instructions here in the FAQ or the system will not accept your vouchers.

    If you are using a gift certificate and a promo code in conjunction then follow this order:



    - Enter number of seats under QTY and click the UPDATE ORDER button


    - Then enter your gift certificate code in the box:    for example: K3K7HZTX


    - Click Apply


    - Then enter promo code in the box: for example COOK2


    - Click Apply


  • Can you accommodate guests with dietary restrictions?

    We have some public classes that can accomodate vegetarians like our Art of Pizza-Making Class and the Spinach Lasagna Italian Class in addition to a few more.  Check the calendar for "vegetarian" classes. For any other dietary restrictions (i.e vegan, gluten-free or other food allergies),  you are welcome to reserve a private cooking class where we can customize the menu for your pleasure.  However, vouchers are only valid for public classes. For pricing information for private classes, please call us and ask to speak to Chef Hassi. 

  • How do I reserve more than one seat?

    When you click on the class you want in the calendar, it will take you to your shopping cart. Under the QTY (which is quantity) type in the correct number of people then hit the update order button. You will see your cart update to the correct number of people. Always check your confirmation at the end to make sure you have the correct number of seats ordered.

  • What code off of my voucher do I enter when registering for a class?


    For Groupon Vouchers, If you purchased your voucher after July 15, 2014 then use the numbers under your barcode with no dashes or spaces. Also if your barcode number starts with a zero, enter your numbers without that first zero. It will look like this: 5879636 or this: JUHTRDPL

    If you purchased your voucher before July 15, 2014 then enter the groupon code that looks like this and only like this. There may be extra numbers after it but do not enter them. Only enter what looks like this: 9478-GP (it will be 4-5 numbers-, a dash then a couple of letters. Include the dash)

    For Deal Saver Vouchers, use your Certificate ID which will look something like this with a mixture of upper case and lower case letters and numbers:  3RZv7N or this:




    For Living Social Vouchers, use the voucher number that will look something like this:

    SCC31506347 or this 10000256874

    For Amazon Local Vouchers, use the voucher number that will look something like this: DTTX-CR9W-LLSK8

  • Will my voucher be redeemed prior to my scheduled class?

    Yes. You will need to enter your voucher number in order to reserve your class. Your voucher will be redeemed as soon as you have completed the transaction. Therefore, even though you have not yet attended your class, your voucher will show as redeemed.  Your voucher needs to be redeemed prior to your class for administrative purposes. You do not need bring your voucher to the class.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We have a very strict 3 day cancellation policy. No exceptions for any reason (including illness). So should you need to cancel or reschedule it must be done prior to 3 days to the start of your scheduled class in order to avoid voiding your voucher or forfeiting your payment/certificates. We have this strict policy because we purchase our food fresh for each class per the headcount. If you do not give us at least a full 3 day notice, we will lose money on the food we purchased and prepared for you.  Also, less than 3 days is not enough time to fill your seats with guests on our waiting list so we also lose money on the unfilled seats.  Please note that all voucher companies (Groupon, Dealsaver, Living Social, Travelzoo) enforce this cancellation policy to protect their merchants.  NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. ONLINE CREDIT ONLY WILL BE GIVEN IF CANCELLATION IS MADE BEFORE 3 DAYS OF YOUR CLASS DATE.  3 DAYS OR LESS PRIOR TO YOUR CLASS, NO CREDIT IS GIVEN. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Should we eat a small snack before arriving to class?

    Yes. The class starts with a demonstration from the executive chef followed by the hands-on cooking in the kitchen.  You will be served your lunch/dinner after you finish cooking all of the courses. Therefore, it would be best to have a small snack prior to arrival.

  • What is the attire for the classes?

    Dress is casual.  However, guests who are joining us for a date night or special event are always welcome to dress up.  Please note that open-toed shoes are not allowed in the kitchen for safety purposes. If wearing open toed shoes or high heels to the event just bring along safe shoes to wear in the kitchen while cooking. You can put your dress shoes back on when in the dining room during the demonstrations and when eating the lunch/dinner you prepared.

  • Can we bring our own food or beverage?

    No outside food is allowed due to health regulations. No exceptions.  You can bring an unopened bottle of wine.  We do charge a corkage fee. We are a full-service award-winning dining room with a beautiful Italian Wine and Beer Bar.  Beverages can be bought at our bar.

  • Are there any other charges?

    Yes. We charge a very small service fee of $6 er person for our incredibly hard-working staff.  We have Professional Executive Chefs who lead all of our fantastic classes.  However, the rest of our awesome staff are our students who are in our Culinary Arts Management Program. These students assist our chefs as an internship requirement for their diploma and they do not receive a salary. They work hard at each class to make sure that all of our guests have a memorable event.  Also we charge $5 for the use of our aprons so we do reccomend that you bring your own aprons. We also recommend that our guest bring their own to-go containers from home.  We charge a small fee for the use of ours.

  • Do you have different menus to choose from?

    Yes.  We offer a variety of dishes in all of our classes and add new items all the time. Just click on the classes on the menu to view the menu of that day.  So you can take a 3 Course Italian class many times with us and learn something new.

  • If a class I want is full, can I get on a waiting list?

    Yes. Just click on the class that is full and follow the instructions to be added to the waiting list. If a seat opens up, the reservation system will automatically send an email to all of the people on the waiting list at the same time. Then it is first come first serve as to which guest will get the open seat.  Please note that of our classes have over 100 people on the waiting lists each so the chances of getting a seat are very low.

  • Why are classes filled up so far in advance?

    Our classes offer a unique and fun experience for the whole family.  They have always been very popular and in high demand, therefore, they fill up quickly.  We add new classes to the schedule as classes fill up to accomodate all of our guests.  We offer classes mulitple times per week, all year long.

  • Can I call the Academy with questions about cooking classes?

    No. The Chefs and Kitchen Staff at the Academy do not have the answers to your class questions. The Director of Administration is the only person who coordinates all classes and can assist you with all of your questions and she can be reached through email only.  If you call, the staff will only direct you to send an email.  Also, please do not leave voicemails with any questions regarding cooking classes. The Academy staff can only assist by phone with dining room reservations, private catering events, questions about our Culinary Arts Diploma programs and teambuilding events.

  • How can I cancel/change a class if I am within your cancellation policy?

    1) Sign into your on-line account and click on “My Classes  

    2) Find the class you are canceling and click "Change”   

    3) Click on the box in front of the registered name.

    4) Click on the appropriated choice

    When you finish, your account will show an account credit. Refunds are given only as class credit. NO REFUNDS TO CREDIT CARDS FOR ANY REASON. For your next purchase, the shopping cart will NOT automatically apply the credit and deduct the cost of your purchase from your account credit before it charges your credit card.  YOU MUST CLICK ON THE BUTTON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE “APPLY ACCOUNT CREDIT”. CANCELLATIONS/RESCHEDULING BY PHONE, EMAIL OR WALK-IN WLL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

  • Is it safe to use my credit card on-line ?

    Online payment via credit card is secure, fast, easy and will guarantee that your registration is processed immediately.
    We are using a certificate : 128-bit SSL encryption.