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Paint & Sip Studio New York
246 W. 80th Street, Studio 16, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10024

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class image CELEBRATING GIOVANNI'S 30TH BIRTHDAY!!! Respondents: 1
Score: 4.33

Kim Score: 4.33/5
The instructor was
4 - Entertaining
The atmosphere was
4 - Fun
I enjoyed myself and had fun
5 - Lot's of fun
The music was
Additional comments and observations
I was amazed at how great all the paintings turned out! And I think our teacher did a wonderful job guiding us through. A few small critiques/ideas for strengthening your wonderful service even more: Sometimes I felt like it would have been good to have more space (with all the mixing paints and wine cups, I got a little cramped-feeling). Additionally, it would be good if you could provide an overview of certain things before we did them. For example, when we mixed yellow and white together, it would be helpful for you to add something like, "We're going to also use this color later for touching up the water." Reason being that I let my colors get polluted by other colors because I thought I was done with them! It's a small thing, but it might help. thanks again!