RezClick Online Reservation System

How much is RezClick’s monthly fee, do you have a setup fee and does RezClick charge a percentage on each reservation?
There is no set up fee, no hidden charges. We only charges a small monthly fee, based on your business model and the features that your will use.
RezClick does NOT change a percentage on each transaction.
Please call us and inquire, our sale staff will gladly quote you a price.
Do we have to sign a contract and do you offer a free trial?
You do not have to sign a contract. Use RezClick as long as it meets your need, cancel at any time.
We do offer a 30 day free trial for you to evaluate the system.
Can your customer manage their own reservation?
YES! Without having to call you, 24/7 your customers can cancel or change their reservation as long as it is within your cancellation policy.
Your customers will receive an automated order confirmation, event reminder and a survey the day after the event if you wish.
Do I need a web site in order to use RezClick online reservation system?
Not at all. RezClick's Online reservation system is hosted on our own servers. However, if you already have a web site, RezClick's reservation software will seamlessly integrate with your site.
How does RezClick's online reservation system handle waiting lists?
All available spaces in an event class are reserved on the reservation system calendar. If spaces are completely booked in a desired event, customers are given the opportunity to join a waiting list, without being charged. If a registered customer from that event cancels within YOUR cancellation policy, an email notification is sent to the waiting list letting them know how many seats are now available.
Can my customers share their reservation with their friends on Facebook?
Yes! At checkout all your customers will be given the option to invite all their Facebook friends to join them for your event. Thus exposing YOUR business to ALL their friends. That functionality alone will pay for the system small monthly fee.
Can RezClick's online reservations system enforce a cancellation policy?
YES! RezClick allows you to customize a message outlining the cancellation policy of your business that is displayed upon checkout. Before completing their order, customers are required to check a box confirming they have read your cancellation policy. The reservation system will then only allow that customer to change or cancel their reservation if they are within the cancellation timeline specified.
How many users can I add to manage my RezClick reservation system ?
There is no limit to the number of users you can authorize to use your RezClick reservation system.
If I need a feature not currently offered by RezClick, is there a way it can be added ?
Absolutely. RezClick is eager to hear from those of you who have special needs. If it is a feature that will benefit most of our clients, RezClick will include it in our next available software update. If it is a feature that only benefits your company, or one that you want exclusively for your company our engineers will gladly talk to you about developing that feature.
How can I accept credit card transactions with RezClick's online reservation system ?
RezClick offers Web site Payments Pro Payflow Edition. Benefits of this system include, No setup fees, No gateway fees, No application fees, No cancellation fees, No contract period , No monthly minimum , No downgrade fees, No hidden fees, More information can be found on the PayPal Web site
Does RezClick's web based online reservation software system work with any kind of operating system? (Windows and Macintosh)
Yes, because RezClick is web based it will work with any kind of operating system, whether it be Windows or Macintosh. RezClick's reservation system is also accessible from any computer or browser with an internet connection.
Where can I find the download links for remote support?
Right here: