The Art Bash Studio
7704 Waters Avenue, Savannah GA 31406
912-484-3438 or 912-231-7372

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class image "Wine Snob" - $35. - 2.5 hrs Respondents: 1
Score: 4.50

Brenda Score: 4.50/5
The art coach was
5 - Very good
The complexity of the painting was
3 - Average
The studio is
5 - Colorful, cheerful and welcoming
I enjoyed myself
5 - and had a whole lot of fun!
Additional comments and observations
Connie, you have done an excellent job with your new space. It was great seeing you and Sarah again. Sarah is always so pleasant and helpful. My daughter has already seen Mr Snob and loves him. He's her birthday gift. I hope to you again soon. Hugs, Brenda