The Art Bash Studio
7704 Waters Avenue, Savannah GA 31406
912-484-3438 or 912-231-7372

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class image "Project SEARCH Paints" The Team Building Experience - PRIVATE pARTy Respondents: 1
Score: 4.50

Margo Score: 4.50/5
The art coach was
5 - Very good
The complexity of the painting was
3 - Average
The studio is
5 - Colorful, cheerful and welcoming
I enjoyed myself
5 - and had a whole lot of fun!
Additional comments and observations
Connie and Cindy were fabulous. They went the extra Mille to be sure our group had a great time. We brought our interns from a job training program for young adults with challenges and the staff made them feel like artists! It was a great team building event and we all have a beautiful snow person for the holidays to remind us of the fun we had.