Swirlz Art Studio
329 Warfield Blvd Suite E Clarksville, TN 37043

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your phone number?

    We are only at the studio when there is a class, and when we are there we are either setting up or teaching/assisting the class, so we don't have time to talk on the phone.  The best way to communicate with us is via the Contact Us link on the left menu.

  • Do you offer any discounts/coupons?

    No, we do not offer group discounts.  Yes, we offer a 10% military discount.  When checking out use the code mil and 10% will be deducted from your class total.  Note that you must present a valid military i.d. for each person in your party or the discount amount will be due.  If you are booking a group of reservations, and not everyone has a valid military i.d., please book the military reservations together (with the discount applied) and the non-military i.d. ones separately (without the discount applied).

  • I forgot my password, how can I log in?

    Go to Forgot Password at the top left of this page and enter your email address.  Instructions will be emailed to reset the password for your account.

  • When will [blank] month's calendar be posted?

    We try to get the next month's calendar up between the middle and end of the current month (i.e. December's calendar should be up around the middle of November, etc.).

    We will post the new calendar online as soon as it is ready.  So if you don't see classes listed for a future date, it's because we have not yet finalized them.

    When the calendar is published we always post a notice on our Facebook page.  So if you have not already, "like" us on Facebook and you will always see when we post the new calendar (or any new classes).

  • May I bring my baby/toddler/young child to an adult class with me?

    No.  While painting is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, it does require your full attention and both hands to do.

    We love babies and children as much as you do, however, please arrange for childcare before your class.  This will allow you to relax and unwind without having to care for your child(ren), and will not disrupt the class.

  • If a class I want is already sold out, can I get on a waiting list in case someone cancels?

    Click on the Waiting List link below a sold out class on our calendar.  You will be prompted to enter your information.  If a cancelation occurs, an email will automatically be sent to everyone on the waiting list notifying them of the opening(s).  The opening(s) will be filled based on who makes the reservation first.

    If someone else makes a reservation to fill the opening(s) before you do, you can remain on the waiting list and will be notified again if there is another cancelation.

  • Do you offer private parties?

    Yes.  Whether it's an office party, a sorority or fraternity social, a really big "girls night out," or anything else you can dream up—Swirlz is the perfect destination for a unique evening of fun.

    Private parties are available on days/nights when we do not have normal classes already scheduled.  We typically have public classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, so the latest a private party could begin on those days is 2:00 p.m.

    Note that $700 is the minimum amount for a Private Party and must be pre-paid at least 72 hours before the date of the party.

    The art for the party may be chosen from any painting in this Facebook album.  We can create a custom painting for your event for an additional $100.

    Outside food and drinks may be brought.

    The maximum capacity is 35 people.

    We will charge your card when the party is booked, but you will have up to 72 hours before the start of your party to change or cancel.   Additional attendees will be $35/each and will be due when you check-in at the time of your party.

    Use the Contact Us link on the left menu if you have any questions. To reserve a party indicate the date, time and painting you are interested in.  We will confirm it with you and send you a link to pay for your party.

  • What should I wear?

    Though we provide a smock, there is still a chance you will get paint on you.  The paint is water-based acrylic, so it washes off, but we still suggest you wear clothes that you wouldn't mind getting paint on.

  • I've never been to anything like this, what do I do when I get there?

    When you arrive you will go to the Check-In counter.  There we will confirm your registration, give you a fresh canvas, and direct you to your seat where a smock, clean paintbrushes, and a fresh cup of rinse water will already be waiting for you.

    You will put on your smock and head to the paint room where you will get a palette and the necessary quantities of each color for the piece you are painting that night (we will have specific directions posted above the paints so you will know how much of each color to get).

    After everyone is checked-in and has their paints, we will start the class.

  • What do I need to bring to class?

    Mainly just a great attitude—leave your nerves at home!

    We supply everything you will need for the class (paints, brushes, palette, easel, canvas, smock, etc.).

  • How early should I get there?

    We open the doors 30 minutes before the class start and encourage you to arrive between then and 15 minutes before the class start so you may get checked in and settled into your seat in time for the class to begin on time.

    If you want to make sure you get to sit with your friends/group use the Contact Us link on the left menu to indicate the class and the names of the people in your group.  We will do our best to make sure you all get to sit together.

  • How long is the class?

    Unless otherwise noted, regular adult classes last two hours.  More detailed classes are three hours.

  • What is the price of a class?

    Most classes are $35/person.  Some longer/more detailed classes are $45/person.  We also offer COUPLES classes that include two canvases that, when finished, fit together to make a completed painting; they are $65 per couple normally or $80 for three hour versions.

  • Can I book a group of reservations, or does each person have to reserve individually?

    It's up to you.  If one person books for the whole group, the entire amount will be charged on their card at the time of booking.  The advantage is that you will be sure you get the total number of seats you need at the time of booking (for example if a class is close to being sold out).  Other members of the party can just pay the person who books the class for their seats.

    Alternately each person can book their seat individually.  There is a place in the checkout screen where you can leave a comment.  Here you can indicate who you want to be seated with and we will do our best to seat you together.  This allows each person in the group to pay their own way.

  • How can I cancel/change a class if I am within your cancellation policy?

    1) Sign into your on-line account and click on “My Classes

    2) Find the class you are canceling and click "Change” 

    3) Click on the box in front of the registered name

    4) Click on the appropriated choice

    When you finish, your account will show an account credit. Refunds are given only as class credit. For your next purchase, the shopping cart will NOT automatically apply the credit and deduct the cost of your purchase from your account credit before it charges your credit card.  YOU MUST CLICK ON THE BUTTON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE “APPLY ACCOUNT CREDIT.”

  • May I bring food and beverages?

    Yes.  You are welcome to bring any beverages (including alcohol—as long as you are  21 years or older).  We will even provide a corkscrew and plastic cups (i.e. if you bring a bottle of wine).

    We sell bottled water for $1.

    Any food you bring should be limited to snacks, as there is not a lot of extra room on the tables.  Since we're located in the Warfield Towers shopping center, we're just a few feet from the Wonderland Cafe restaurant—so you can come early and grab a bite there before class.

  • What if I've never painted before?

    No problem!  All of our classes assume novice or no painting ability.  Just relax and come expecting to have fun and be surprised at how great your painting will turn out.

    We do offer some classes with more detail, but they only take a little longer (typically three hours), they do not require a greater skill level than the normal two hour classes.

  • Is it safe to use my credit card on-line ?

    Online payment via credit card is secure, fast, easy and will guarantee that your registration is processed immediately.  All information is encrypted by a 256-bit RSA encryption Secure Socket Layer.