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class image Autumn's Last Night - NEW PAINTING Respondents: 1
Score: 4.60

Jamie Score: 4.60/5
The instructor was
4 - Entertaining
The atmosphere was
5 - Cheerful
Complexity of the painting
4 - Easy
I enjoyed myself and had fun
5 - Lots of fun
I will come again.
5 - Definitely
Additional comments and observations
Now that I have my painting complete and at home. I am not sure what kind of frame to get or where to get them. I assume a craft store. I have a helpful suggestion on this matter: have the artist tell the class what kind of frame is needed and where to buy, OR offer frames for an additional purchase. I would gladly buy a frame from you as 1) you have it on hand and save me the trouble of going elsewhere. 2) I am already in a great mood and the frame will enhance my painting. 3) You are professionals and I trust buying from a professional. This was not something I thought about until I got home; otherwise, I would have asked the artist. Overall I loved the experience and I plan to come back again. Thank you ever so much.